Become a professional driver with VarioBus!

With us you can expect a motivated, friendly team, pay that is in excess of the agreed scale, an individual remuneration system, shift plans and a wide range of potential assignments.

If you are just beginning your career (and aged 21 or over) or simply fancy a career change, we can offer you vocational training in just 3 months and you can also obtain your driving licence for categories D and DE.

Here we will support you when it comes to planning, funding and your gradual integration into our company.

Join us

  • Call us on 0175 – 8772559 or send an email to:
  • We will then arrange an interview with you to assess your suitability.
  • Once we’ve found each other: Great! Now nothing stands in the way of your new job. 
  • Not qualified yet? In cooperation with the driving school, we can help plan the timing and funding of vocational training for applicants who are just starting out and other professionals looking for a new challenge.
  • At the beginning of your training, you’ll already receive your employment contract from us, meaning you can start working as soon as you pass the exam.

Please send your application to:

VarioBus GmbH
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz 12
04107 Leipzig

0175 – 8772559